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Poland detains three more suspects in Russian spy ring case: reports

20.04.2023 22:30
Polish authorities have detained three more people on suspicion of being part of a Russian spy ring that had planned to sabotage deliveries of assistance to Ukraine, bringing the number of arrests to 12, according to news outlets.
Photo:PAP/ Jacek Turczyk

The three new suspects are believed to have been gathering intelligence on routes for the delivery of military assistance to Ukraine, private broadcaster RMF FM reported on Thursday.

The suspects had also been preparing acts of subversion, according to officials. 

Prosecutors in the eastern Polish city of Lublin charged them with being part of an organised criminal group, as well as with working for foreign intelligence and against Poland, the dorzeczy.pl website reported.

A court has ordered that all three be remanded in custody, and also ruled to extend the detention of the nine original suspects, according to RMF FM. 

Poland busts Russian spy network 

Last month, Poland’s Interior Minister Mariusz Kamiński announced that the Internal Security Agency (ABW) had detained nine people “suspected of collaborating with the Russian secret services.” 

The interior minister told reporters at the time that the suspects “conducted intelligence activities against Poland and prepared acts of sabotage at the request of Russian intelligence."

Kamiński added that the suspects were foreigners from countries to the east of Poland.

Russian spy group ‘aimed to sabotage weapons deliveries to Ukraine’ 

Kamiński said that, according to the evidence gathered, the group had been monitoring rail routes to Ukraine, including collecting information about weapons deliveries to Kyiv. 

He added: “The suspects were also preparing acts of subversion, designed to sabotage the supply of equipment, weapons and assistance to Ukraine.”

The interior minister also revealed that ABW officers "secured cameras, electronic equipment, as well as GPS transmitters that were to be mounted on transports with help for Ukraine."

The ABW later said that the Russian spy ring had installed at least 50 surveillance devices, including cameras on the routes for the transport of weapons to Ukraine, and GPS trackers on the shipments, RMF FM reported. 

Investigation continues

Poland’s probe into the Russian spy ring remains under way, with investigators checking bridges and overpasses on key routes to Ukraine for surveillance equipment, dorzeczy.pl reported. 

Similar checks are being conducted in storage facilities that are located near railway routes and were rented after Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year, according to RMF FM. 

Moreover, officers are carrying out anti-surveillance sweeps along the eastern section of Poland’s A4 motorway that runs to the border with Ukraine, RMF FM reported.

The Russian spy network had been investigated for months before the first arrests were made in March, officials said. 

Poland has been a steadfast ally of Ukraine and a hub for deliveries of weaponry to the Ukrainian armed forces, news outlets have noted.

Thursday is day 421 of Russia’s war on Ukraine. 


Source: dorzeczy.pl, rmf24.pl