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US House Rules Committee advances an Ukraine-including package of foreign aid bills

19.04.2024 12:52
In a rarely seen move - the Democrats and Republicans both voted to support it on Thursday night, bar a trio of hardline Republicans who opposed.
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The US Capitol / Illustration ImageMartin Falbisoner / Wikimedia Commons

After a lengthy stalemate caused by the stiffest Republican part of the US parliament - it seems like the matter of the US aid package for Ukraine is finally getting some real traction - the Kyiv Post reported.

The successful Thursday House Rules Committee vote allows the full House to vote on the rule now, and opens the so-far-deadlocked debate on three foreign aid bills - for Israel (USD 26.38 billion), Ukraine (USD 60.84 billion) and the US allies in the Indo-Pacific (USD 8.12 billion).

A fourth bill - including other national security priorities, such as a TikTok ban and a provision that allows the administration to use seized Russian assets for covering the costs of Ukrainian reconstruction - will also benefit from this legislative process being finally unclogged.

The rule for the foreign aid legislation allows parliamentary votes on specific amendments to the bills on Ukraine aid, Indo-Pacific aid and national security measures - US news outlet The Hill informed. The Israel bill, however, will not have any amendments considered. If the House approves each of these bills, voted on separately, they will be merged together again - and sent to the US Senate as one package.

"Thursday night’s successful rule votes mark a crucial hurdle cleared for the foreign aid package - which has faced intense criticism from hardline Republicans since Speaker Mike Johnson unveiled the outline for his plan on Monday" - The Hill's article concluded.


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