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'Alarm bells are ringing’: Polish president urges NATO to boost defence spending

20.03.2024 08:00
The Polish president has said that NATO must urgently increase its defence spending to ensure it does not become the next target of a Russian attack.
Polish President Andrzej Duda speaks to CNBCs Steve Sedgwick in Warsaw on March 18, 2024.
Polish President Andrzej Duda speaks to CNBC’s Steve Sedgwick in Warsaw on March 18, 2024.Photo: Marek Borawski/KPRP

Speaking in an interview with business and financial news broadcaster CNBC, President Andrzej Duda renewed his appeal to NATO members to raise their military spending to 3 percent of GDP.

His call came amid warnings that Russia could be preparing to target the Western military alliance within two to three years, CNBC reported.

Duda told CNBC’s Steve Sedgwick on Monday that new evidence suggested Russian President Vladimir Putin was doubling down on his shift toward a war economy with a view to attacking NATO in 2026 or 2027.

'Alarm bells are ringing'

Citing unspecified German research, Duda said: “The alarm bells are ringing.”

“We have two or three years in which we can increase our efforts, stockpile ammunition and produce weapons to maximize European security, get ready and make sure the invasion does not happen,” he added, as quoted by CNBC.

“All this needs to be done in order not to have to get involved in a fight," he argued. "The point is to create such a deterrent that ensures we are not attacked."

'Russian aggression must be stopped at all costs'

The Polish president also called on the United States to continue supporting Ukraine, warning that if Russia is not stopped in Ukraine, the costs of doing so will rise dramatically later, CNBC reported.

"This Russian aggression must be stopped at all costs," Duda said.

He warned: "If it is not stopped, it will spill out and then I am afraid that American money will not be enough to stop Russia. US soldiers will have to step in, and no one wants that."

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, starting the largest armed conflict in Europe since World War II.

Wednesday is day 756 of Russia’s war on Ukraine.


Source: PAPcnbc.com

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