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London summons ambassador from Minsk

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 29.02.2012 13:45
The UK has decided, in solidarity with all other EU states, to recall for consultations its ambassador to Minsk and to summon the Belarusian ambassador to the UK to the Foreign Office, Foreign Secretary William Hague said in statement.
William Hague
William HagueFoto: Flickr/fco.gov.uk

“We remain committed to supporting the people of Belarus and willing to re-engage fully with Belarus once the conditions are right”, he declared.

The previous day both Germany and France decided to recall their ambassadors from Belarus, in an expression of solidarity with Poland and the EU foreign service.

Minsk requested on Tuesday that the Polish and the EU ambassadors leave Belarus in connection with the new sanctions imposed on Belarussian regime.

 In response to that, all the EU countries will withdraw their ambassadors for consultations to their capitals. It was also  agreed that the ambassadors of the EU Member States in Minsk will summon Belarusian ambassadors to their foreign ministrie, the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement.

The Ambassador to Poland Leszek Szerepka and the Head of the EU delegation in Minsk have already left Minsk.

fco.gov. uk, agkm

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