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The government plans to subsidize electric bikes by up to 5,000 PLN and cargo bikes by up to 9,000 PLN

10.07.2024 12:05
A project worth 300 million PLN has entered public consultations, which will last until July 18, as announced by the Ministry of Climate and Environment. The program is intended to be financed with EU funds.
Government Plans Generous Subsidies for Electric and Cargo Bikes in Poland.
Government Plans Generous Subsidies for Electric and Cargo Bikes in Poland.MabelAmber/pixaby.com/CC0

The subsidies will be available as refunds upon presentation of purchase proof, but will not cover goods purchased through leasing agreements.

For standard electric bikes, the refund will be a maximum of 5,000 PLN (up to 50% of eligible costs). Cargo bikes, designed for transporting goods using a special cart, will qualify for up to 9,000 PLN (up to 50% of eligible costs, but not exceeding 9,000 PLN).

According to the new project prepared by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, financial support for purchasing modern bicycles will be available to individuals, as well as local governments and businesses engaged in road transport, courier and postal services, or rental of recreational and sports equipment.

It was specified that subsidies for electric cargo bikes will apply to vehicles with a width of up to 0.9 meters and bike trailers wider than 0.9 meters. The subsidized bicycles must be equipped with a lithium-ion or similar battery with a capacity of at least 10Ah, manufactured by producers from EU countries.

The results of the public consultations on this matter will be known soon.