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European Parliament: Lukashenka should pardon Kavalyou and Kanavalau

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 16.02.2012 14:00
The European Parliament urges Alexander Lukashenka to impose a moratorium on death penalty and to pardon two 25-year-old men, sentenced to death for allegedly committing terrorist attack in Minsk.
Parlament Europejski
Parlament EuropejskiFoto: European Parliament Audiovisual Unit

The resolution of the European Parliament condemned the use of death penalty in Belarus. The EU legislators condemned as well the sentences handed down to Dzmitry Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavalyou by the Supreme Court on 30 November 2011.

The European Parliament urges Alexander Lukashenka to pardon both men. - The two men were sentenced for allegedly committing terrorist attacks in 2005, 2008 and 2011 in Vitebsk and Minsk, but according to reports by human rights organisations (FIDH, Human Rights Watch), there are arguments showing that the trial was unfair and that the investigation was marred by serious human rights abuses.The executions of the two may be carried out very soon, stated the EP.

MEPs underline that death penalty is "irreversible, cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment, which violates the right to life". They call Alexander Lukashenko to o adopt a moratorium with a view of ith a view to abolishing the death penalty from the penal system.

The European Parliament condemns also “the continuous persecution of human rights defenders and members of the democratic opposition and the harassment of civil society activists and the independent media in Belarus for political reasons”. The EU Legislators demand the unconditional immediate release of all political prisoners.

Belarus remains the only country in Europe that imposes the death penalty and still carries out executions.


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