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Polish and EU diplomats “asked to leave Belarus”

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 28.02.2012 16:23
Polish ambassador Leszek Szerepka and head of the European Union Delegation in Belarus Maira Mora were told to leave to their capitals for consultation, the Belarussian MFA stated.
Ambasada RP w Mińsku
Ambasada RP w MińskuFoto: Ambasada RP w Mińsku

Both diplomats - Leszek Szerepka and Maira Mora have been called today to the ministry headquarters.

At the same time Belarussian ambassador in Warsaw and the Permanent Representative of Belarus to the European Union have been summoned for consultations to Minsk.

Belarus reacted this way to the EU sanctions imposed on the Alexander Lukashenka's regime. Foreign Ministry in Minsk announced that in the case of  the further “pressure on the Republic of Belarus, it will take other measures to defend its interests."

The European Union today approved the decision to impose further sanctions on Minsk, because of the repressions against the civil society and democratic forces in Belarus.


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