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Jerzy Buzek: I hope IIHF will take a good decision on Belarus

Ostatnia aktualizacja: 12.04.2012 14:20
“I am glad that the International Ice Hockey Federation will address the issue of Belarus hockey championship during the upcoming Congress. I look forward to reasonable decision of the IIHF”, told the former head of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, in an interview to Polish Radio website.
Jerzy Buzek
Jerzy BuzekFoto: Parlament Europejski

IIHF Congress will look into the matter in May, as Polish Radio website learned on Wednesday. Former President of European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek reminded that after the rigged elections in Belarus in December 2010, he appealed to the International Ice Hockey Federation to relocate hockey championship from Belarus, unless the authorities release political prisoners and stop repressions against the civil society.

 “World Championship should be the feast of fairness, justice and fair play. These values ​​are constantly violated by Lukashenka regime. The current situation in Belarus has nothing to do with the feast. The championships in Belarus would be just like  partying in the time of mourning”,  Jerzy Buzek commented.

 IIHF spokesman Szymon Szemberg told  Polish Radio website that the issue of ice hockey world championship in 2014, which is to be held in Belarus, was included in the agenda of the Congress of the International Ice Hockey Federation, which takes place on17-20 May in Helsinki. Delegates may decide to transfer to another country championships.

Information on Belarus: Raport Białoruś (Belarus Report)

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